Mill Run Grade Desiccated Coconut Full Fat-25kg

PRODUCT NAME : Full Fat Desiccated Coconut
Grade : Mill Run
Fat Content : 60% – 70%
Packing per bag(kg) : 25kg
Bag/40 Ft : 980
Shelf life : 12 months

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$ 1.88 - 2.00 USD /Kilogram

Country of origin: Indonesia Indonesia

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Product Detials

Mill Run Grade Desiccated Coconut Full Fat-25kg

Product Specifications

Desiccated coconut is the de-shelled, pared, washed, milled, blanched, dried, sifted and hygienically packed meat of the fresh and mature fruit of coconut (scientific name: Cocos nucifera).

Quick Details 基本信息

Style 类型  :  Dried 干
Type 形状  :  Powdery 粉状
Packaging 包装  :  25kg Net weight in a multiwall paper bag with inner poly liner.
Place of Origin 原产地  :  INDONESIA 印尼
Certification 认证书  :  HALAL 清真, Kosher, FSSC22000
Bag/40’FCL   :  980 (24.5 MT)




PRODUCT NAME 产品名字 Grade 等级 Fat Content 脂肪含量 Packing per bag(kg) 包装 Bag/20 Ft


Bag/40 Ft


Shelf life 保质期
Full Fat Desiccated Coconut 全脂椰蓉 Mill Run


60% – 70% 25kg 480 980 12

months 月


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