Karta 100% Coconut Water-1000ml

PRODUCT NAME: Karta 100% Coconut Water
Packing : 12 x 1000ml
Carton Size (L x W x H) : 290mm(L) x 246mm(W) x 250mm(H)
Carton / Pallet : 70
Net Weight :12
20 FCL By Carton : 1320 Cartons
Shelf life : 15 months

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Country of origin: Indonesia Indonesia

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Karta 100% Coconut Water-1000ml


Standards:KOSHER & HALAL

Product Specifications

It is a refreshing ready-to-drink 100% Coconut Water.
这是一种清爽的即饮 100% 椰子水。

Refresh, Hydrate, Energize

Natural source of essential electrolytes (Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphorus & Calcium) 必需电解质(钾、钠、镁、磷和钙)的天然来源

ideal for hydration 补水的理想之选

No preservatives, colouring and flavouring 不含防腐剂、色素和调味剂

Fat and cholesterol free 不含脂肪和胆固醇

100% Coconut water 100% 椰子水

No added sugar 不加糖

Gluten free 无麸质

Dairy free 不含乳制品

Non-GMO 非转基因

Quick Details

Product Type 产品类型 : Natural Beverage / Drinks 天然饮料 / 饮料
Type 类型 : Natural Beverage / Drinks 天然饮料 / 饮料
Brand Name 品牌 : KARTA 珈答
Place of Origin 原产地 : Indonesia 印度尼西亚
Primary Ingredient 主要成分 : 100% Fresh & Natural Coconut Water 100%新鲜和天然椰子水
Processing Type包装制造 : UHT 超高温消毒
Feature 特点 : Low-Carb 低碳
Brix (%) 白利糖度(%) : 5.5
Certification 认证 : HALAL 清真, KOSHER
Packaging 包装 : Tetra Pack  利乐包装

Supply Ability

Supply Ability 供应能力 : 48000 Pieces per Week 每周48000件


PRODUCT NAME 产品名字PACKAGING 包装CARTON SIZE(L x D x H) 箱子尺寸Ctn/ Pallet 货盘箱数Net Weight 净重量20FT ContainerShelf Life 保质期
Karta 100% Coconut Water12 x 1000ml290mm(L) x 246mm(W) x 250mm(H)7012kg132015months月


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