Akasa Toasted Coconut Paste Kerisik – 100g

PRODUCT NAME : Akasa Kerisik 100g
Packing : 100 x 100g
Carton Size (L x W x H) : 290mm(L) x 270mm(W) x 220mm(H)
Carton / Pallet : 50
Net Weight : 8.00
20 FCL By Carton : 1000 Cartons
Shelf life : 24 months

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Country of origin: Malaysia Malaysia

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Product Detials

Akasa Toasted Coconut Paste Kerisik – 100g


Product Specifications

Toasted Coconut Paste (Kerisik) is commonly referred to as “coconut butter”. It is made from toasting grated coconut to enhance the nutty flavour, then pounded into a paste. Traditionally, toasted coconut paste acts as spice to make dishes tastier and more aromatic. Coconut paste is primarily used in confectionery and sauces to thicken and flavour dish such as curry or rendang. It can also be used as great topping for toast, pancakes or ice cream.

烤椰丝(Kerisik)也被称为“椰子黄油“ 它是通过烘烤磨碎的椰子制成的,以增强椰果的口味,然后捣成糊状。烤椰 丝主要用于烘培品和调味料中,以增稠和调味咖里或仁当等菜肴。它也可以 当烤面包,或冰淇淋的最佳配料。

Quick Details

Products Type 产品类型:Toasted Coconut Paste 烤椰丝
Form 种类:Paste 酱料
Taste 味道:Pleasant and strong coconut aroma and taste 令人愉悦而强烈的椰子香气
Place Of Origin 原产地:MALAYSIA 马来西亚
Brand Name 品牌:Akasa
Ingredients 成分:Desiccated Coconut, Cooking Oil, Salt 脱水椰子, 食用油,盐
Appearance 外观:Brownish Paste 褐色糊
Color 颜色:Brownish 棕褐色
Moisture 水分:Max 3.0% 最大3.0%
PH PH值:5.00 – 6.00
Fat Content 脂肪含量:More than 50% 超过50%
Usage 用途:Instant Toasted Coconut paste used to make dishes like rendang, kerabu, curry, sambal, etc more flavourful, aromatic and tasty. 速容烤椰丝使用在仁当,咖喱等的菜肴里会更芳香可口。

Supply Ability

Supply Ability供应能力 : 10000 Cartons per Month 每月10000箱


PRODUCT NAME 产品名字PACKAGING 包装CARTON SIZE (L x D x H) 箱子尺寸Ctn/Pallet 货盘箱数Net Weight 净重量20 Ft ContainerShelf life 保质期
Akasa Kerisik 100g100 x 100g290mm(L) x 270mm(W) x 220mm(H)508.00100024 months月


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