Akasa Coconut Milk Powder-50g

PRODUCT NAME: Akasa Coconut Milk Powder
Packing : 144 x 50g
Carton Size (L x W x H) : 393mm(L) x 333mm(W) x 276mm(H)
Carton / Pallet : 32
Net Weight : 0.05kg
20 FCL By Carton : 654 Cartons
Shelf life : 24 months
Country of origin: Malaysia
Availability: In Stock
Payment Terms: FOB

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Coconut milk powder is made from fresh coconut cream spray dried into powder, saving space and energy consumption for long term storage. Coconut Milk Powder provides coconut flavours at econom- ical cost.

椰浆粉是由新鲜的椰浆经过喷雾干燥 制成的粉末,粉状可节省空间和能源 ,且达到长期保存。椰浆粉以经济的 成本提供椰子风味。

Quick Details

Product Type产品类型: Coconut Milk Powder 椰浆粉
Form 种类: Powder 粉状
Ingredients 成分: Coconut cream, maltodextrin, creamer, hydrogenated palm oil, sodium caseinate emulsifiers, and anticaking agent as permitted food conditioners], sodium caseinate (milk protein). 椰浆奶油,麦芽糊精,奶精 [(葡萄糖浆,氢化棕榈油,酪蛋白酸钠(牛奶蛋白), 乳化剂和抗结块剂作为允许的食品调理剂],酪蛋白酸钠(牛奶蛋白)
Place of Origin 原产地: MALAYSIA 马来西亚
Brand Name 品牌: Akasa
Powder Texture 粉末质地: Free Flowing, No Caking 自由流动, 无结块
Colour 颜色: Creamy White 奶白色

Supply Ability

Supply Ability供应能力  :  10000 Cartons per Month 每月10000箱


PRODUCT NAME 产品名字 PACKAGING 包装 CARTON SIZE (L x D x H) 箱子尺寸 Net Weight 净重量 Ctn/Pallet货盘箱数 Carton/20 Ft Container Shelf life 保质期
Akasa Coconut Milk Powder 144 x 50g 393mm(L) x 333mm(W) x 276mm(H) 0.05kg 32 654 24 months 月
Akasa Coconut Milk Powder 3’s x 48 x 50g 393mm(L) x 333mm(W) x 276mm(H) 0.05kg 32 654 24 months 月



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