Akasa Coconut Cooking Oil-1kg

PRODUCT NAME: Akasa Coconut Cooking Oil
Packing : 12 x 1kg
Carton / Pallet : 32
Net Weight: 12kg
20 FCL By Carton: 1026 Cartons
Shelf life: 24 months

$ 211,322.00 USD /Box

Country of origin: Malaysia Malaysia

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Payment Terms: FOB

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Akasa Coconut Cooking Oil-1kg


Product Specifications

Akasa coconut cooking oil has a high smoking point up to 449.6 Fahrenheit hence it is great for sauteing, stir-frying, baking, and body care. Akasa coconut oil is a neutral scent and is flavored so the coconut oil won’t interfere with the taste of other foods. It is a healthy oil compared to other oils because it is filled with lauric acid and is packed in opaque bottles to maintain freshness and minimize oils from being rancid. Generally speaking, coconut oil has been incredibly popular, for one good reason – it offers ample health benefits. Besides, it features a delicate taste, is easily accessible, and is also extremely versatile for a number of uses apart from culinary.

Quick Details
Product Type:  Coconut Cooking Oil
Form:  Oil
Place of Origin:  Malaysia
Brand Name:  Akasa
Ingredients:  100% Refined Coconut Oil
Appearance:  Liquid At Ambient Temperature
Colour:  5.25″ Lovibond Cell
Moisture  :  Max 0.1%
Pricing: 21.13USD – 22USD Per Ctn



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